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Beyond Awareness series


Is it appropriate to talk about disability? Is there a way to respectfully talk about disability? What words do I use when talking about disability? How do I teach kids about disability? Why do I feel awkward when I talk about disability? Are my disability awareness efforts outdated and offensive? Or are they aligned with disability research, allyship, and inclusion? Are there any quick and easy, and good resources out there to teach me about disability? Is disability awareness necessarily connected to conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion? How can I be sure that I’m not teaching disability awareness from an ableist perspective?

In this series, Diana Pastora Carson brings in speakers to answer these questions and more during inclusive, socially responsive conversations.

This is a forum for special education and general education teachers, parents, and community members who want to promote disability awareness from a progressive, dignifying, social justice, and diversity appreciation perspective.

In this episode, Danny Whitty and his sister, Tara, talk with Diana about the importance of spelling to communicate, communication regulation partners, and their sibling relationship. This is an emotional episode, as Diana, Tara and Danny connect and relate to one another with raw authenticity and love. If you are curious about autism, and especially non or minimally-speaking autistic communicators, then come right in and allow your world view of autism to be impacted in an irreversible way.

Listen to the series here: Beyond Awareness podcast series.