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Digital Accessibility Experts: podcast series.


Episode 23: What you need to know about digital accessibility trends for 2024.

2023 was a big year for accessibility, with more and more companies committing to get accessibility right, WCAG 2.2 slightly moving the goalposts, and different AIs proving useful tools for accessibility or total red-herrings.

In this essential webinar, CEO Jonathan Hassell looks back at what we learned about what works in accessibility in 2023, and how we believe new technologies, devices, laws and regulations will impact the next 12 months. 

Here’s a flavour of some of the topics covered:

  • How accessibility can help you support the needs of vulnerable and ageing audiences – which are hot for 2024
  • How the European Accessibility Act and the DOJ NPRM are making private companies engage more with accessibility in Europe and the USA
  • Why accessibility is now essential for SAAS vendors and their clients
  • How AI, kiosks and EVs are influencing how you need to think about accessibility in user interfaces
  • Why the most important new assistive technologies could be to interface with real-world experiences, not websites
  • Which roles in an Accessibility Centre of Excellence are the safest from AI “stealing your job”

This comprehensive guide to all things accessibility in 2024 will get you thinking and provides plenty of inspiration for where we all may be heading…

This audio was originally recorded as a webinar.

You can access the video recording of the webinar, and its transcript, here:

Access it through HiHub. Registering on HiHub will also give you access to recordings of all our past webinars, and keep you updated on upcoming webinars.

For your convenience, once you’ve logged into HiHub, alongside the captioned video and transcript you can download an RTF document containing all the links in the webinar so you can dive deeper into some of the articles we believe are most important this year.