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Day 14: Make PowerPoint Charts Accessible

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Day 14: Make PowerPoint Charts Accessible

Using Charts in PowerPoint is a popular way to convey data. When we include alt text, we ensure everyone can access this important visual information.

When adding alt text to a chart in your presentation:

  • Do not use auto-generated descriptions because they will not provide sufficiently informative descriptions for users of screen readers.
  • Instead, write your own descriptive but concise alt text.
  • Explain key visual elements.
  • Summarize the chart, including key data points.
  • Craft your alt text in a word processor to catch typos and grammatical errors.

Follow these instructions to add alt text to a chart in PowerPoint:

  1. Navigate to a chart within your presentation.
  2. Select the chart and right click or use the key combination, “Shift” + “F10.”
  3. A drop-down menu will appear.
  4. Within the drop-down menu, select “Edit Alt Text.”
  5. A dialogue box will open.
  6. Input your alt text.

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