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Day 4: Avoid Acronyms and Unnecessary Jargon

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Day 4: Avoid Acronyms and Unnecessary Jargon

On social media, share a recent marketing campaign you have enjoyed and explain why it caught your attention. (Do not call it a “case study” because that’s marketing jargon!) Write concisely, define acronyms, and avoid jargon. Using these techniques to simplify your writing includes people who are neurodiverse while enhancing the reading experience for everyone.

For Acronyms:

Spell out the word or phrase the first time you use it, with the acronym in parenthesis after the first use. For example, write “Accessible by Design (ABD)” the first time it is used in a document.

For Jargon:

Try to replace any jargon with simplified conversational language instead. For example, say “text” rather than “copy.” Use “examine” instead of “drill down.”

Tag your post with #ABD21DayChallenge and #AccessibleByDesign.